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Welcome to the Insight Needles Blog! Our company is founded on principles designed to improve and modernize the practice of medical facilities. While our business and site are designed to improve how your facility can acquire medical supplies, our company as a whole is dedicated to helping medical facilities be better businesses.

This philosophy is born out of the experience of Insight's founders: We are physicians educated and trained in the United States. In addition to working as clinicians we have developed and implemented workflow software for procedure based clinics, implemented EMR solutions in clinics, consulted with clinics on their EMR implementation, and provided IT support and unique IT solutions for medical facilities. 

This work has allowed us to involve ourselves in every aspect of medical facility operations. As such, Insight Needles is dedicated to the goal of improving the business of medicine and we have started this blog to address topics such as cost reduction, procedure workflow, clinic management, and other issues to help our customers.

You can browse our articles, subscribe to the rss feed, or even contact our support department regarding an article. Someone will forward the information to the authors and get back to you regarding your inquiry! Want to see a topic covered? Just contact us and let us know.

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