Start-up Clinics: Purchasing from a medical supply company.

One of the big unknowns for startup clinics is "where/how do we get supplies?". Most people will ask around and find out who everyone is buying from.  Just a few simple phone calls or clicks on a website and you should be ready to go, right?  Not exactly.  Turns out medical supply companies aren’t like Staples or Office Depot.  We've broken down our past experiences into several steps:

  1. They assign you a sales representative who will contact you at some time.
  2. Your sales rep will ask you to fill out an application form and a credit check form (they usually won’t take credit card).  This will take a few days to get processed. 
  3. Next, they will ask you which products you need and in what quantity.  Although it is probably impossible to predict initial patient volume, they will typically only sell to you in larger predefined quantities (the sales reps are commissioned!). 
  4. All of the companies you contact will come back to you with quotes for all of the products you would like to purchase.  The prices will vary tremendously and it is very difficult to compare 30-100 different products from 5 different vendors.
  5. You need to start negotiating at this point.  You need to call of the reps and figure out who is going to give you the best prices on the most items.  
  6. Remember they can change the prices at anytime.  After all of this, you will never want to go through this process again and likely just keep buying from whoever you initially picked.  The reps know this and will try to increase prices on various things and hope you don’t notice or don’t have the time to complain.

Does all of that sound more tedious than it needs to be?  When we established Insight Needles, we knew the steps above were ridiculous and completely unfair.  Clinics are busy and don’t have the time or resources for this nonsense.  

  • We will never change prices without your knowledge.  
  • We will always accept credit card (invoice is an option too!).  
  • We will sell to you in any quantity that you want.  
  • We offer everyone our best prices all the time.
  • We have easy online ordering!  This should be just like buying pens, pencils or paper clips.

Remember you are the customer, this should be made easy for you!

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