Insight Needles Tech: A Unique Approach to Healthcare IT and Workflow

Insight Needles - Technology is our special consulting service designed to provide uniquely modern software and IT solutions to busy healthcare facilities that want to focus on efficiency and growth. This blog is a compilation of lessons we've learned while building workflow software and managing IT for outpatient facilities.

While we post about healthcare technology in general in our Insight Needles blog, this blog is dedicated to more technical information and our thoughts on how developers and system administrators can help modernize healthcare facilities. Why do we post this information? Because we think that modern healthcare facilities are seriously behind most other industries in the way they implement and utilize technologies and we want that to change. Many articles in our general blog may have more detailed information here such as architecture considerations, code examples, and many other geek centered tid bits.

We will post about several topics, but its helpful to have a general idea about our approach to technology: There is a large movement to digitize medical information such as talk about EHR, government incentives and unified computer systems. We provide a different perspective on technology: We like to think about workflow and operations rather than just data storage and purely clinical systems. For example, how come we don't have good software to actually help a proceduralist get a patient from the door to the operating table more efficiently and effectively? Or, how does a multi location facility efficiently communicate within their system so that they can keep up with workload? How do small clinics set up computer networks so that they can focus more on their patients and less on technology maintenance? We have experience solving many of these problems and hope this information can be useful to others.

If you are curious about a particular service, questions about some of our technologies, or just want to engage in discussion feel free to leave a comment or write our support department ( with your suggestions!

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