Insight Needles is a new medical supply distributor founded by physicians with experience running private clinics and dealing with the complicated disposable medical supplies market. Experience taught us that buying from most medical supply distributors is burdensome: They often require price quote requests, account applications, perhaps contracts and still have variable/opaque pricing.

To address these issues we decided to open a modern online store with these core principles:

  • Customer Service. We run an online store, but we know you are used to dealing with individuals, which is why we place so much importance on customer service. We see ourselves as a professional service to physicians, so you can always email or call us and get the answers you need. Our company and customer service is run by experienced physicians.
  • Buy Online. We believe you should be able to buy your basic supplies just like you buy normal consumer products: Go online, see the price, select exactly the volume you want and checkout.
  • Transparent, Low Pricing. Just visit our website and see our prices: No need to ask for price quotes and no bargaining on unfairly high prices.
  • Let us work for you. We don't bargain on prices or send sales reps to your facility. Instead, we use all our resources to constantly acquire items at lower prices and automatically pass those savings on to you, even if you have a recurring order.
  • Small catalog, great selection. We don't sell arbitrary products. We focus on items that we can sell at low prices and still meet your needs. So you can trust that if you are shopping on our site you are getting great products at great prices. We even screen new products and brands through practicing physicians before selling them. We are always expanding our selection and welcome suggestions from our customers.

Have more questions? Contact us or read our FAQ.