Welcome to our brand new site!

We are starting to rollout several new features and services to make medical supply shopping as easy as possible, so you get back to running your business! You can always contact customer service with questions. The quick rundown:

No need to have an account! But there are some benefits. 

You can view your order history and save multiple addresses, making future purchase faster than any other vendor on the market. If you're a new customer, just make your first purchase and you will have the option to create an account. 

Additional features to make supply purchase faster:

  • Quick product view: Click quick view to add products to your cart and keep browsing a list of products.
  • Better order status
    • Under My Account you can see each order. Under each order you will see which products are shipped and which aren't. You can also see each tracking number
    • Coming soon! See expected availability dates for backordered items
  • Coming soon! Re-order: Under My Account (in the upper right), you will see previous orders. There are two simple links to re-order a previous order. One will add to any new items in your cart, the other will clear your cart and duplicate your old order. You can edit the quantities/items and checkout. Because you're logged in your addresses are saved. This can allow you to place repeat orders in about 15 seconds!

We always want to hear from our customers so if you would like to see another service or feature on our site, just contact us and let us know.