We value our loyal customers very much and work very hard to get the best deals that we can for them. So we created a GPO (group purchasing organization) loyalty program that's simple, free, automatically applied to repeat customers, and easy to use!

The Gist

  • Annual (last 365 days) spend puts you in a tier:
    • (PENDING, NOT YET ACTIVE:) Tier 1: >$2000 = discounted shipping (coming soon)! AND an ADDITIONAL 2% off on any products that already have bulk discounts.
    • (PENDING, NOT YET ACTIVE:) Tier 2: >$3000 = free shipping (coming soon)! AND an ADDITIONAL 4% off on any products that already have bulk discounts.
  • On top of all this: Every $1 spent earns you 1 point. Points can get you $ off coupons (ie, 500 points = $10 off).


Making Use of Your Rewards Program

In the bottom right of any page is a button:

Click it to see your account status and claim any rewards that you've earned:

Some Details

Our entire mission is to simplify the purchase of medical supplies and we think that a GPO program should be simple also:

  • You are automatically enrolled once you make a purchase: no contracts, tricks, or membership fees.
  • You must remain subscribed to our email lists in order to claim any of your discounts/perks.
  • % bulk discounts are automatically applied when you login, no need to request custom quotes or verify prices.
  • $ off coupons are redeemable directly by you on the website.
  • You are automatically moved up to higher tiers based on how much you spend.

How to take advantage of this!

  • Buy in bulk to get discounts on items instead of spreading out the purchases.
  • Buy as many items from us as possible (even small items like gauze pads), even if we have the same price as competitors: you'll earn points with us and get the benefits above.

*The terms of membership, point values, and rewards and benefits are subject to change without notice. We are dedicated to providing value to our customers, but may have to fine tune the program to make sure it is sustainable and fair.